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Advocacy For Women, Children, BIPOC People, People with Disabilities, LGBTQ People, & Survivors

  • Ms. Shortell is recognized as a powerful advocate for women, children, BIPOC people, People with Disabilities, LGBTQ people, and survivors of sexual violence.
  • Ms. Shortell did more than one hundred contested hearings involving child abuse as an assistant attorney general and never lost a case.
  • Ms. Shortell achieved landmark victories and damages awards for victims of discrimination, harassment, and retaliation as a Human Rights Advocate at theAlaska State Commission for Human Rights.
  • Ms. Shortell was part of the team that secured equal marriage for same sex couples in the State of Alaska. 
  • Ms. Shortell helped write and pass the LGBTQ-inclusive Anchorage Equal Rights Ordinance.
  • Ms. Shortell stopped the state from using the unconstitutional same sex marriage ban laws to deny same sex spouses and dependents their PFDs.
  • Ms. Shortell filed the first rape kit lawsuit in Alaska, alleging that law enforcement's failure to test rape kits or investigate sex crimes is discrimination against women.
  • Ms. Shortell lobbied for an end to the rape kit backlog in the Alaska State Legislature.
  • Ms. Shortell represents victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault.
  • Ms. Shortell represents victims of sexual harassment, sexual abuse, and sexual assault in State and Federal Court, before the EEOC, ASCHR, and AERC, and in other administrative proceedings.
  • Ms. Shortell helps clients in high profile cases navigate the delicate, stressful, and dangerous experience of litigation and dealing with the media, where survivors and victims of discrimination, harassment, and sexual violence are often disbelieved and attacked.
  • Ms. Shortell obtains reasonable accommodations for people with disabilities.
  • Ms. Shortell helps children and families who experience discrimination in the public schools.
  • Ms. Shortell stands up for people who experience discrimination, harassment, and violence.
  • Ms. Shortell is a volunteer lawyer for survivors of sexual violence with ANDVSA and the Times Up Legal Fund.

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