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Shortell Law LLC files employment discrimination lawsuit against Alaska State Troopers and Beacon Occupational Health and Safety over rescission of a job offer to a job applicant living with HIV

Posted by Caitlin Shortell | Jun 08, 2023 | 0 Comments

The lawsuit also alleges that the Alaska State Troopers practices violated the equal protection guarantees in the Alaska State Constitution and the U.S. Constitution that all persons are entitled to equal protection of the laws.  ”My client is determined to serve as a law enforcement officer. He has worked and prepared to be in law enforcement since childhood,” said Shortell.

Press Release: Kenai Peninsula Borough and Charlie Pierce pay $237,500 to settle sexual harassment case by Pamela Wastell

Posted by Caitlin Shortell | Apr 19, 2023 | 0 Comments

The Kenai Peninsula Borough Assembly tonight unanimously approved a settlement agreement that requires defendants Kenai Peninsula Borough and former Borough Mayor and unsuccessful gubernatorial candidate Charlie Pierce to pay Pamela Wastell $237,500 to settle her sexual harassment lawsuit in state court.

Tell Your Legislators to Support HB99 and SB 108

Posted by Caitlin Shortell | Mar 25, 2023 | 0 Comments

House Bill 99 (and Senate Bill 108) seek to enshrine fundamental Alaskan values into law: equality and freedom from discrimination.   This letter-writing tool allows Alaskans to easily contact their legislators and urge them to support these bills by filling out a quick form.  For more information about HB 99, you can view the following video, which includes footage of Caitlin Shortell explaining Alaska’s current civil rights law.

Succession Planning for your Alaska Business

Posted by Caitlin Shortell | Jan 02, 2023 | 0 Comments

Succession plans are normally connected with retirement, but they serve an essential role in the beginning of a business lifespan. Business owners expect their entities to last, especially after enduring the risk, work, and sacrifice of starting a company. However, if something unexpected happens to you or a co-owner, a properly written succession plan will help reduce headaches, cost, and drama. As the impact of an owner-exit grows, so does the need for a well-written succession plan.