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Alaska Family Law

Shortell Law, LLC, represents clients in Family Law at trial, mediation, and on appeal including but not limited to the following:

Alaska Divorce Lawyer

Shortell Law LLC empowers clients to successfully navigate the often stressful experience of ending a marriage. Clients rely on Shortell Law LLC to help them identify what services they need in divorce, whether their case is simple and the parties agree on most issues or where conflict is high and there is financial or legal complexity. Shortell Law LLC has unique expertise in handling divorce cases with financial complexity and cases involving LGBTQ clients. We have successfully litigated many multimillion dollar divorces and consistently achieve favorable outcomes in complex cases through settlement and trials. Learn more about Shortell Law LLC’s divorce practice.

Child Custody Cases in Alaska

Child Custody is arguably one of the most important areas of the law and it is crucial that you have a lawyer to help you advocate for a just result. Whether you are cooperative with the other parent(s) about a desired custody arrangement, or whether domestic violence and substance use disorder is alleged, Shortell Law LLC can ably represent you in child custody matters at trial, mediation, and appeal. Clients rely on us to work with custody investigators and to communicate with the court on your behalf. We have  18 years of experience with child custody cases in Alaska and proudly represent men, women, LGBTQ parents, grandparents, and other relatives. Shortell Law LLC will help you implement a winning strategy to preserve your rights and reach a successful outcome in your Child Custody case.

Experienced Child Support Advocate

Child Support in Alaska is governed by court rule, but it can be invaluable to have a lawyer in your corner when it comes to Child Support. Shortell Law LLC has extensive experience with child support cases and has achieved successful results in child support enforcement, child support modification, and with child support administrative appeals. Shortell Law LLC has experience & skill serving clients who are military members in sorting out their child custody issues.

Hire an Adoption Expert

At Shortell Law, LLC, we can guide and support you throughout the process ofadoption. Our firm has experience with adoption issues including:

  • Indian Child Welfare Act
  • Step-Parent Adoptions
  • Second Parent Adoptions
  • State Custody Adoptions

Guardianship in Alaska

Our clients choose Shortell Law LLC for guardianships because of our expertise and experience. Ms. Shortell is knowledgeable and can help manage the stressful and difficult guardianship process.

Top Domestic Violence/Intimate Partner Violence Lawyer

Shortell Law LLC represents clients in cases involving domestic violence. Whether you are a survivor or an alleged perpetrator of domestic violence/intimate partner violence, you can rely on Shortell Law LLC to ably represent you in petitions for protective order, child protective proceedings, divorce, and child custody. Our clients experience empowerment and healing when we help them obtain a protective order, broker a stipulated no contact order, or help them deal with a divorce or custody case where violence has occurred. Contact us today to find out how we can help you and your family feel safer.

We Specialize in Complex Family Law

We are uniquely qualified to represent you in any case where your property and civil rights are at stake including the following complex family law issues:

Shortell Law, LLC serves clients throughout Alaska. Contact us online or at (907) 272-8181​ to schedule a consultation.