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Financial Protective Order Representation

What is a Financial Protective Order in Alaska?

A financial protective order in the state of Alaska is a legal document issued by a court to protect a person's financial assets. These orders are an asset protection tool that may appear in domestic relations matters, or in estate litigation. It prevents either party from making large or unnecessary financial transactions without the consent of the other party or the court. The purpose of a financial protective order is to preserve the marital assets and ensure fair distribution of property during the divorce proceedings.

What is the Purpose of a Financial Protective Order? 

The purpose of a financial protective order in the state of Alaska is to safeguard the financial assets and property of individuals. A financial protective order aims to prevent either party from dissipating, hiding, or disposing of marital assets without the other party's consent or the court's approval.

Working with an Attorney to Obtain a Financial Protective Order

To prove to the court that a financial protective order should be granted, it is important to have experienced, knowledgeable attorneys on your side. Shortell Law LLC has represented many clients in successful protective order proceedings.  To begin working with Shortell Law LLC, call our office today at 907-272-8181.