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Media Coverage

The following links are to news articles covering lawsuits filed and other advocacy undertaken by Shortell Law LLC.

February, 2024: The Disqualification of Brent Sass from the 2024 Iditarod

ESPN: Burke reinstated, Sass DQ’d as assault claims roil Iditarod

February, 2024: Shortell Law LLC Files Lawsuits Against Cache Integrity Services and Tom McDuffie

ADN: Embattled public guardian sued for alleged neglect of vulnerable Alaskans

October, 2022: Sexual Harassment Lawsuit Against Kenai Peninsula Borough and Gubernatorial Candidate Charlie Pierce

AP News: Shortell Law Sues Alaska Gubernatorial Candidate for Sexual Harassment

Washington Post: Alaska Governor Candidate Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

US News and World Report: Alaska Governor Candidate Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

ADN: Former Assistant Accuses Charlie Pierce of Sexual Harassment

HuffPost: Alaska GOP Candidate for Governor Faces Sexual Harassment Lawsuit

March, 2021: Represents Victim of Acting Attorney General Ed Sniffen

ADN: Her story brought down Alaska’s attorney general.

November, 2019: Sued the State of Alaska for Illegally Enforcing the Unconstitutional Same-Sex Marriage Ban

KTOO: Seven were denied PFDs based on Alaska’s defunct same-sex marriage law.