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Won a Contested Guardianship for Elderly Mother on Daughter’s Behalf

Ms. Shortell was approached by a woman who was concerned that her mother's appointed guardian was not fulfilling their duties.  While the guardian had made excuses that were previously unquestioned, Ms. Shortell was able to  prove that this guardian failed to establish a trust or apply for Medicaid in a timely manner.  Ms. Shortell's diligent representation also made it possible for her client to communicate more effectively with the guardian an litem.  

The assistance of Shortell Law LLC allowed Ms. Shortell's client to prevent further damage to her mother's physical and mental health, as well as her mother's financial wellbeing. 

Practice area(s): Guardianship

Caitlin Shortell

EXPERIENCE  Owner/Founder Caitlin Shortell (J.D. Northeastern University School of Law 1999) is a lifelong Alaskan. Ms. Shortell started her legal career with an externship for the Honorable Judge Maxine Chesney of the United Sta...