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Alaska Wrongful Termination

Alaska Wrongful Termination Lawyer

Shortell Law LLC is a top choice for employees who have been wrongfully terminated and employers seeking advice regarding termination.

Is a Wrongful Termination Suit Worth it?

If you've lost your livelihood and ability to get employment because of a wrongful termination, Shortell Law LLC can help you recover money and rehabilitate your reputation to get back to work again. Call us today to make a plan!

Is Alaska an at will employment state?

Whether or not you have an employment contract, your employer is obligated to treat you fairly and may not discriminate, retaliate, or treat you in bad faith. Even if you are an at will employee, you the employer must treat you lawfully. Call Shortell Law LLC at 907-272-8181 to understand the rights of employer and employee, or complete the following intake form.

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