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OUI Defense

Operating Under the Influence (OUI) is an offense that the Alaska legal system takes very seriously.  Few misdemeanor offenses come with mandatory minimum sentences, but OUI and Refusal do.  It's essential to have an attorney explain:

  • What operating under the influence is, and how this differs from driving under the influence;
  • The potential legal and factual defenses you may have;
  • Litigation strategy and plea negotiation;
  • The potential insurance and employment consequences of a conviction for OUI or Refusal;
  • The several components of an OUI criminal sentence, including the cost of imprisonment, the Alcohol Safety Action Program, ignition interlock device, driver's license revocation, and others;
  • What aggravators or mitigators may impact the plea bargaining process;
  • How to demonstrate to the court that you are either innocent of the crime, or that you are ready to accept responsibility for your actions.

Knowledgeable OUI Defense Attorney

If you or a loved one have been charged with OUI or Refusal, knowledge is power.  Shortell Law's attorneys have experience in both criminal prosecution and defense. We understand that you and your family are more than your criminal record, and can help you navigate the criminal justice system.  As experienced business and employment attorneys, we can also explain how a conviction for OUI may affect your future.  Complete the following intake form to receive the assistance you deserve today.

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